5 Tactics of Reader Engagement From an Expert Blogger

2020-12-18 2 min read

This video summarizes 5 tactics of reader engagement. The tactics are from this WriterViews interview I did with David Cain of Raptitude.com.

David’s blog posts regularly get 30-50 comments that are long, detailed and insightful. So, I asked him how we can do the same. Here is his advice:

1: Have a Support Group

Started blogging, went to Google Groups and found a small group of 6 or 7 bloggers at a similar experience level

They bounced ideas off of each other, acted as accountability to keep writing, and maybe most importantly for us: they shared and commented on each others work

This provides a foundation for your community to grow from

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2: Ask For Comments

David on regular posts gets 30-50

When asks for comments gets over 100

Make sure you are genuinely curious for your readers answers

3: Write Insightful Posts

David’s topic lends itself particularly well to this, because he writes about humanity

But, no matter your topic, make sure you aren’t just regurgitating the same old ideas – add something new and thoughtful to the discussion

What you’ll find is that other people will join in and respond to your ideas

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4: Make Friends Not Followers

Connect with readers on a deeper level

You can do this through comments, by taking the time to reply to their emails

Another thing David does is let Raptitude followers add his personal facebook account

5: Create Participatory Content

David has two sections on his site that others can easily participate with

One is experiments, tests he does on his own life, like going vegan for 30 days, or fighting against procrastination

Some readers will do the experiments too

Other is a life list, things that he wants to experience in his life

To make it more participatory, he created a guide so readers can make their own!

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