How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Site

2021-02-26 5 min read

In this guide, we’ll go over how to build a niche site specifically for Amazon Affiliate program also known as Amazon Associates.

I’ve this method countless of times and sold multiple sites ranging from 5 figures to 6 figures using this exact method. But if I need a CRM for moving company, I turn to professionals.

Let’s begin.

Find a Niche

First you’ll need a niche.  You need a niche because you want a central theme around your products.  Of course, this is not always the case since there are tons of generic review sites that cover all types of product but for beginners niche is essential.

Why?  Because it’s proof that the niche is viable.

Analyze the niche with numbers

Next, you want to start getting a feel for how hard the niche is by using certain metrics like number of articles and backlinks.

One trick to find out how many articles they have is using Google.

Type into Google “Site:<domain>” and you’ll get a listing for the indexed articles that the website has.

Record these numbers somewhere so you can an idea how much writing it will take to get to the market value.  In this case, this website wrote around 41 articles to get a value worth around $16,000.

There’s ton of tools that will help you evaluate a website.  I use ahrefs.

Stats on ahrefs:

529 backlinks (Pretty small backlink profile)

3.2k visitor/month

$2.1k traffic value (If they were to pay for the keywords they currently rank)

It took them a little less than 2 years to build this site

Put all these in a spreadsheet, it’ll help you get get a feel for how many articles you need to write and how much outreach you should do to get backlinks.

Analyze niche based on content

Analyze the niche based on quality of the content.  You’re looking for weak content so you can do better. Things like tone of voice, how fast they get to the point, format of the articles, etc…

Let’s analyze their home page feature article.

Their opening paragraph talks about why the visitor should look for the best clippers for men.  This isn’t the best opening sentence, as it is redundant.

A car salesmen doesn’t start by trying to convince you to get a car when you go to the dealership.  Instead, they convince you to buy their specific brand.

Paragraph 2 & 3 increases the demand for the product, which is good since it’ll make the content more valuable.

One thing that is missing from this article is credibility.  Did whoever write this guide have a nice hairdo?  It’s even better if they have photo to show it.

Model their content structure

While you’re doing your ‘soft’ analysis of the niche, make sure to keep in mind the structure of the content.

The home page article contains this model of content:


Comparison table

Broken down in-depth pros and cons of product

Buying guide

As you tell, you want to give the users what they were looking for right away.  That’s why the comparison table comes first.

If the reader decides they want to learn more, they will scroll down and find more content on why the author choose the products in that particular order.

This is a VERY common format for product review sites.

One caveat to this niche selection process:  Pick a product that is priced above $50.  The reason is you get commission based on percent.  Through our experience we realized the same amount of work is involved in building out a $5 niche site and a $50 niche site.

After you’ve done this analysis for a handful of websites, you are ready to build the site.

Build a website

After selecting a niche, you want to build a website.  Now, setting the site up can be really hard or really easy.

Many of our students/readers get lost in very small fine details like color of the header or the logo.  I’ll let you in on a secret… it doesn’t matter.  What matter is what value you bring to visitors, however that is identified really doesn’t make a difference until later on when you do heavy SEO optimization or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

I recommend using hostgator as a web host and WordPress as a Content Management System.  The web hosting is cheap starting at $3/month and WordPress helps you build a website without the need to code.

I wrote the process of building a site on a blog: How to Make Money With Clickbank.

At this point you should access to the WordPress dashboard.

Install TablePress

Install Tablepress, which allows you to build tables like the one we saw on the clipper website.

Always give the best product recommendation to the user quickly as possible.

Just like the clipper website, we want to have at least one column containing the image and the amazon affiliate link.  Be careful not to use prices on your niche set, as it is against the Amazon Associates Terms of Service.

Use A Ton of Images

Have you noticed the amount of screenshots in this post?  There all personable as well since I drew those arrows and circle.  It makes it seem more life-like in a sense that you are having a conversation with someone.

Use beautiful images.  People believe things they see.  Take advantage of that.

Write Pillar articles and Complementary articles

Google loves structured content.  So you need write articles in a way that has cohesion.

Pillar articles are articles where you target your keyword but with a small variation.

Let’s take the clipper site for example.

Instead of “Top 10 best clippers for men,” we can target:

“Top 10 best clippers for working men”

“Top 10 best clippers for men under $100”

“Best <Insert brand> clippers”

Aim for 1500+ words for your pillar articles and keep your complementary articles around 500.

Once you have 20+ articles, it’s time to market them.

Get Backlinks

A backlink is when another site links to your site.  The reason why this is so powerful for your traffic is because Google judges your website based on what other people think.

It kinda works like social networking.  The people who can vouch for you, the better off you are in terms of your social reputation.

For a complete list of ways to get backlinks, see this awesome list by one of the top marketers in the industry:  Brian Dean.

I’ll add some of personal methods I used to get backlinks.

Answer questions on Quora

Answer niche related questions, provide value, and link to your site in forums.

Quora is a good example of this since they actually allow links.

And just like that my traffic source spiked.  Be consistent with this, don’t be spammy.

Make Real Comments On Top Blogs

The next method involves posting comments on the top sites for your relevant keyword.

The key here is to post something thought-provoking and always address them by their name.

Email the Manufacturer

The last method, which is my personal favorite is to email the manufacturers or the brand.  You are going to tell them you are reviewing their products and they made it to top list.

This worked wonders as it’s a win-win for both parties.