How To Check Your YouTube Adsense Earnings

Hey dear friends on this post you will learn how to check your YouTube adsense earnings if you are newbie on google adsense program then you will too much in worry that how to check your YouTube earnings per view so guys this post is for you.


2020-10-30 2 min read

YouTube has got popularity with the passage of time the requirements of youtube users for upcoming videos is increasing day by day. Moreover you can earn money online from youtube by publishing videos on youtube by attaching google adsense to your youtube channel. This platform has become the need of every person. Google adsense is an advertisement platform of google this platform is designed to show text, image and video advertisement on your website or youtube channel to earn money online when user view or click on your ad you will got payment but the problem is this how to check your youtube adsense earnings for this solution you are here. Your estimated revenue youtube show on 12 date of each month and adsense payment release on 22 date of each month. You can now upgrade hosted adsense account to non hosted adsense my lots of friends asked me how much earnings per view so i tell that is not confirm how much youtube pay but lots of youtubers said that YouTube pay 1$ if you got 1000 views but i said this is depend on your video engagement and cpc on country location ads or your keyword. If you want to develop your business and make it of high quality, then you may need developing ERP software.

How To Check Your YouTube Adsense Earnings

This is too much easy way to check your YouTube adsense earnings while using google adsense but if you are getting huge amount of views you can see your earning on the right side of "Dashboard" of YouTube if you are not getting views you can rank youtube videos on the first page of youtube or google there are lots of ways to optimize YouTube videos. Follow below steps on how to check your youtube adsense earnings.

1. First of all open and login here using your gmail account on which your adsense account.

2. Click on "Sign In" button and login

3. Now click on "Performance Reports" to check your YouTube or blog earnings

4. Click on "Filter" box and choose "Products" and click on "Hosted Adsense For Content"

5. See "Total Earnings" tab here will be your adsense earning from YouTube.

6. To see full report "Scroll Down" and see earning report day by day.

So that was method on how to know YouTube adsense earnings on google Adsense hope you have learned something today if you face any problem then simply comment in comment box.