How to get external links from thematic sites?



In this issue you will learn what external links are, what you need external links for, how to get free external links, how to get external links from thematic sites. And the main advise is backlinks counter.

How to get external links from thematic sites?

Thematic site - this is essentially a collection of different materials devoted to a single topic.

How to find thematic sites? You need to monitor the search results in Yandex, Google, in the range of TOP-50 for the main key phrases. Write out all the topical sites that occur.  There are two ways of forming queries in a search.

First, you can find sites that collect links to dozens of directories of your subject. An example of a query: "where to post an article".

Secondly, you can search immediately for the resource we need. An example of a query: "article directory". It is necessary to use both methods. Be sure to check all the listed sites for internal audience.

As a result, we get a list of quality thematic sites for external links. Such monitoring should be carried out regularly, adding new sites donors, and removing non-quality. On a monthly basis monitor the placement of your company on quality sites.

How to negotiate the placement of an article?

First, you need to write a high-quality, useful article. When choosing a topic for an article, be sure to think about and answer these questions. Will the topic of this article be able to show your company in a good light and highlight your unique selling proposition? Will the article be useful to the owner of the thematic site? Will the article be useful to visitors to the site? What new and interesting things can you reveal in the article? Then you need to think about how and where you will mention yourself. Will it be a direct link to your site or just a mention of the company.

Second, we need to discuss the terms of placement. Paid, free, cooperation. Here it is important to show the benefits for the owner of the thematic site. From my experience, I can say that many owners of such resources are happy to cooperate if you will solve their problems. And the owners of such sites have several problems: filling with new articles, partnering with other resources to develop their project, finding customers for advertising services. Someone agrees to post an article, because it is unique and useful. Someone agrees in a mutual exchange of links. Someone agrees in exchange for moderation of some section on his portal. Someone agrees for the recommendations of advertising services of his portal among the owners of this business area. Someone agrees for a positive review on his site's letterhead. There are many options to agree.

Third, after posting an article, you need to check and evaluate the effectiveness of the placement on this or that thematic resource. Remember that your time and effort should be spent only on those sites that produce results in the form of conversions to the site, or calls, or ready customers, or help in ranking your site.  The last factor can be checked by analyzing external links to your site in Webmaster.

In conclusion, I suggest that you consider the following idea. If you have the time, money and desire, you can create your own thematic site on a separate domain, as a separate organization. Then develop a new resource. There are many options for development, both paid and free. This is a topic for a separate video. One of the most effective ways is to add a new resource in the news aggregators (Yandex News, Yandex Zen and others). And of course it is necessary to monetize the new resource, not forgetting to advertise your main business on it.

Consider the pros and cons of your own thematic site. Here it is important to remember that the thematic site is not just a directory with articles. On it, you can create a directory of organizations throughout Russia or the CIS, and a forum, and a directory, and useful services, and reviews of companies.

On the plus side, you can include:

A new source of traffic, requests and clients for your main business

Additional income from your competitors. You can sell them articles, banners, paid placement packages, give out subscriptions to your own services.

Formation of demand and market management in your business niche. You can form demand for new goods and services, you can raise or lower the prices, you can regulate the rules of work and standards in your business niche with your analytical articles.

The disadvantages include:

Financial and time costs. The creation of such a project will entail costs for the development of the site, its promotion, content and moderation. Such projects should be constantly developing.

Technical requirements for the resource. The site should be ready for high attendance and increased loads.

Legal aspects. It is important to register a thematic resource to another person or another legal entity. When you register in various services or state.organs, in obtaining money from advertising and so on should always figure people not related to your main business. This will help avoid problems with the law on protection of competition, with claims to the FAS and so on. In this case, your main business will be just a customer of the new thematic resource. To avoid any questions and disagreements with competitors, you need to be able to adequately assess the nature of the problem and to compromise, then there will be no court disputes.